Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Made It!

We are here in beautiful Paradise Island, Bahamas! Yea! I wanted to post some pictures of our journey, motley crew(there are 14 of us) and first day here, but it's kinds hard to do that when you forget the cord to your However, I did remember the camera itself and the charger! I guess I need to add camera cord to my packing list:)

As far as the rest of my packing went...(I think it took me 3 days to get things together) I managed to fit all of our belongings into 3 bags. BUT it doesn't really count as 3 bags if one of your bags is over the weight limit(by 3 pounds)! That's right it weighed in at 53 pounds. Do you know what the cost of an extra bag is??? Any guesses??? 50 smack-a-roos! I would have taken some things out of the hefty bag and put them into one of the others, but they already sent the others through...Ooooh well what are you gonna do? I know relax, enjoy my family, eat, sleep, sun, swim, and sing along with Taylor Swift!

Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


can be a daunting task! Especially if you have little ones you have to pack for. If you are a mom you know what I mean. It seems like you have to pack the entire house just for a few days away. I have to admit I am not the best when it comes to being organized and I always seem to forget something. Forgetting something can be costly at a resort so I am determined to change my ways and remember EVERYTHING! So I made this list...

Packing for Vacation List

I am a big list person. I love making them. It's so satisfying to visually see what you have accomplished. I often add things to my daily to do lists (tasks I have already completed) just so I can cross them off!

I thought this list may help some of you pack for summer vacation. Lists are personal and everything may not pertain to you (for example you may not need formula, bottles, or contacts). Or you may be going somewhere that requires warmer clothing, but it could be a starting point for your own list. That way whenever you need to go somewhere you just print it out and cross off each item as you pack it!

Now I have to figure out how to get ALL of this stuff into 3 bags so we won't get charged for extra bags...

Happy Packing (and crossing off)!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shirred Shorts

Ever since I bought this pattern I have been in a shirring kind of mood. I made

and these!

And now this...

I used this pattern from Sew Sensible. I sewed one side of the shorts then shirred around the top before closing them up. I think it gives a fun and different look from the regular, old elastic waistband. I think I will try the next pair of shirred shorts with a tie around the waist!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Lazy Weekend

This weekend we just enjoyed the outdoors...and each other!
We swam in the pool at my sister's house...

Snapped some pics at the beach...

Went on a boat ride at my parent's...Carson likes to be the captain.

It's nice to spend time together. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and spent some QT with the ones you love!

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