Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation!

Carson has two amazing and loving teachers I wanted to appreciate during teacher appreciation week. I like to give things that are thoughtful as well as useful. When I began thinking about what to give them "hands" popped into my mind. Being a teacher myself I know how much teachers use their hands during the day...wipe noses, tie shoes, craft, write, help pick up toys, turn the pages of a book, etc... I began searching for poems on the internet about teacher's and their hands and how they use them to help children. I found this poem. I changed it a bit and got this...

Teacher’s Hands

In the hands of a teacher,

A classroom is a magical place.

In the hands of a teacher,

There’s a smile on each little face.

In the hands of a teacher,

Children grow and play,

In the hands of a teacher,

Every day is a special day.

In the hands of a teacher,

Gifts and talents are refined.

In the hands of a teacher,

A child’s future is designed.

Then I added a little personal "Thank You"

Miss Sara,
Thank you for your hands
And all the hard work they do.
We cannot thank you enough,
For just being you!

I printed it out on scrapbook paper.

Traced my hand. Miss S and Miss C are going to get two left hands:) I can't write with my left hand.

Cut them out.

Used a little brad and tacked them onto an envelope. What's in the envelope???
A gift certificate to treat those hard working, nose wiping, shoe tying, page turing hands!

Thank you to ALL the teachers out there! We appreciate you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"In Full Bloom" Made the Cut!

I was so honored when I received a message on my flickr account that my top is up for voting today! Yea! Please, Please go VOTE! There will be 6 days of voting and the top with the most votes each day will be voted on again in the finals!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Welcome Basket

One of my good friends is in labor as I write. She is having her 3rd little boy! I put together a little "birth" day basket for baby Harper and mommy!

A monogrammed seersucker embroidered whale Jon Jon...

diaper wipes case and a set of decorative dish towels (a little birdie told me she wanted a set).

and some of mommy's favorite treats...caramel/cheddar popcorn, water, coke, bananas, white chocolate lollipops, and some fruit snacks for the big boys.

I used some scrapbook stickers to put Harper's name on the front of the basket!

Welcome to the world baby Harper! Can't wait to meet you!

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