Thursday, March 31, 2011

2nd Entry for the Lil Blue Boo/Dharma Trading Co. Challenge

Circus Seal...

I have had an idea of what I have wanted to do with my 2nd entry for the challenge since January. Of course I have procrastinated until TODAY (the last day to enter the challenge) to finish my project. But it all worked out. Carson hung out in my room with me while I sewed and Clara napped. I finished just as Clara was waking up, tried the outfit on her and took pictures right before the monsoon came. 

I chose to do a circus themed outfit. The idea popped into my head this past January when the circus was in town. Who doesn't love the circus?!  Everything about the circus is exciting...animals, performers, costumes and music, not to mention the delicious cotton candy and popcorn. 

A few days later I was browsing all of the yummy fabrics and saw this colorful summer time fabric by Barbara Jones. It was perfect. I love the mix of dark and light colored polka-dots. I imagined the circus animals and performers...jugglers, elephants, lions, seals, etc. I thought it would be neat to turn the dots into balls for the performers/animals. After browsing some pictures I decided to use the seal and have him balance a "ball" on his nose. This elephant is super cute too!

I used the freezer paper stencil method for my seal applique. I thought I took pictures, but I can't find them...sorry. I will have to do it again, maybe one for Carson this time.

There are several tutorials online for using freezer paper for stenciling. Ashley has a great one here.
In a nutshell...I traced my seal onto the freezer paper and used an exacto knife to cute it out. Then I ironed it onto the fabric and painted (using fabric paint). I let it dry and lifted up the paper. Then I hand painted around the "ball" and the star in the middle of the "ball"

I took the painted, scrap fabric and made it an applique. Then embellished it with a ruffle (from the coordinating fabric on the bubble skirt-Pouty Princes) and black ric rac.  It was an easy way to spice up an outfit. And I have to say that I LOVE this bubble skirt. I will definitely be making more!

Clara was a great model today. As anyone who has a toddler knows, taking pictures can be quite the ordeal!  But today...
She sat...

 and smiled...

 twirled around a bit...
 and showed off her teeth.
Thanks for being such a good girl! I love you!

Can't wait to see the rest of the entries. There have been so many fabulous ones so far. I love looking at everyone's projects and reading the thoughts behind them. Each one is so unique. You should head over to Lil Blue Boo and check them out! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Girl: Parisian Style

Happy Friday everyone!! This weekend (like most every weekend:))we are attending a birthday party for a family friend. I saw this material at my favorite local fabric store and thought it would be perfect for the birthday girl. I love the black, red and white color combination. Carson (and her doll "Sarah") was so kind to model. It only took 30 minutes and a bribe for her to comply.
I used the peek-a-boo skirt pattern from Little Lizard King. It also has a matching doll skirt. I couldn't resist!
 What little girl doesn't want her dolly to dress just like her? I used a newborn onesie for the doll's shirt which I also monogrammed to match the birthday girl's shirt.

 I often like to give a book as a part of our gift. I thought "Eloise in Paris" is the perfect addition to the outfit. Little Eloise is sure to have a blast exploring Paris and all it has to offer. I thing Eloise might have enjoyed wearing this skirt while she caused mayhem throughout the streets and historic sights like the Eiffel Tower, Etoile and Louvre.

Carson enjoyed reading the book to her doll. I hope the birthday girl does too! Have a great weekend everyone! 

PS I hope to share pictures from our adventures last weekend soon! We went swimming with the manatees and to the Fair!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1st Entry: LBB/Dharma Trading Company Design Challenge

Lil Blue Boo is challenging all to get creative! You can design anything your heart desires. You also have to use a creative technique such as...

We live near the beach and go there quite often. So I wanted something that was wearable, comfortable and cute! I used this pattern as my starting point. And this picture as my inspiration as well as this project from last week.

I added a top piece, halter straps, embellished it with ric rac (at the top and midsection) and a seahorse applique. 

Here are the girls showing off their ruffles. They were prancing around like little peacocks!

Georgia is being silly here. I just love this picture! 

Clara from the back and Georgia from the front.

You should take on the challenge too! I can't wait to see what all the other contestants create! There is sure to be a sea of fabulous projects. If you feel the itch click on the button below for details...

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