Saturday, March 20, 2010

From Burnt to Beautiful

I noticed this the other day...
Yes, burn marks on my decorative dish towels. Hmmm how did that happen?? It looks like someone used my towel as an oven mitt. I don't like to place blame so I am not inferring Dad of two giggle boxes did it (although he is the one that cooks:)). I thought about pitching them. We have had them for 4 years, so it might be time for some new ones. However, we received them as a shower gift for our wedding and I like them, so there was only one option...cover the burn mark! I dove into my ribbon box and pulled out some brown grosgrain ribbon and decorative trim.
Pinned it onto the towel, stitched it up and got this!
I actually like them better than I did before!


Anonymous said...

I like them better too. Nice job Sarah. I wonder where she gets all her good ideas??

miscellaneous.originals.stuff said...

i came on over from disney's ruffle-your-stuff contest... LOVE what you did with these towels. they look designer :) and they also look like they would match my kitchen - :)

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