Monday, April 5, 2010

A Big Ruffly Surprise!

WOW! The Ruffle Your Stuff winners have been named! I will admit I have been stalking Disney's site since this morning:) I can't believe "tRuffles and tEa" came in 2nd out of 567 amazing entries. You can view them here. If you ever want to make ANYTHING with ruffles there is some serious ruffly inspiration as well as beautiful pictures. I am so excited I am not going to be able to sleep for a week! Thanks to Disney and all of the sponsors. I can't imagine organizing over 500 entries into slideshows not to mention choosing winners!


by night said...

no wonder you came in 2nd. Your tRuffles and tEa creations and pictures were soooo cute and lovely!! I loooove the fabrics and colors you picked and mixed!

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