Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation!

Carson has two amazing and loving teachers I wanted to appreciate during teacher appreciation week. I like to give things that are thoughtful as well as useful. When I began thinking about what to give them "hands" popped into my mind. Being a teacher myself I know how much teachers use their hands during the day...wipe noses, tie shoes, craft, write, help pick up toys, turn the pages of a book, etc... I began searching for poems on the internet about teacher's and their hands and how they use them to help children. I found this poem. I changed it a bit and got this...

Teacher’s Hands

In the hands of a teacher,

A classroom is a magical place.

In the hands of a teacher,

There’s a smile on each little face.

In the hands of a teacher,

Children grow and play,

In the hands of a teacher,

Every day is a special day.

In the hands of a teacher,

Gifts and talents are refined.

In the hands of a teacher,

A child’s future is designed.

Then I added a little personal "Thank You"

Miss Sara,
Thank you for your hands
And all the hard work they do.
We cannot thank you enough,
For just being you!

I printed it out on scrapbook paper.

Traced my hand. Miss S and Miss C are going to get two left hands:) I can't write with my left hand.

Cut them out.

Used a little brad and tacked them onto an envelope. What's in the envelope???
A gift certificate to treat those hard working, nose wiping, shoe tying, page turing hands!

Thank you to ALL the teachers out there! We appreciate you!


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