Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bahamas

We are back...and exhausted! It was worth every minute! We had a wonderful time with family...swimming, eating and soaking up the sun. We visited the amazing Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Everyone there is so friendly, accommodating and genuine. They truly make you feel at home.

All together there were 14 of us...2 grandparents, 5 parents, 6 little girls and 1 little boy. I took over 200 pictures. I couldn't help it. So much to do and see. The kids didn't want to leave. Carson keeps asking if she can go up to our room. I keep trying to explain to her (in a different way each time) that we left the room in the Bahamas. And maybe we can go back and visit our room another time.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our island adventure...

Clara's first plane ride!

Eagerly waiting to go swimming.

Enjoying the pool and slides.

Carson ended up backwards on the slide. I was waiting at the bottom to take a picture. I saw/heard her screaming and knew she wasn't going to end up on her feet. So...I began running towards her, slipped, fell and hopped up to catch her. I don't know how, but I managed to keep my camera dry in the process. She wasn't too traumatized and was back on the slides after a little break.

I used to get my hair braided as a little girl so it was fun to take Carson to get her's done for the first time. All the girls got a braid. I love the braid pictures.

The Dig...The Dig is an underground maze of tunnels depicting the lost city of Atlantis. There is so much to see array of fish, eels, jellyfish, and other marine life.


You could spend hours in the dig inspecting all it has to offer.

They also have fabulous restaurants at the hotel. We always look forward to stuffing ourselves at dinner...the boys at brother-in-law, husband and dad...

and the mom and two sisters.

Chris and I at MESA Grill...our favorite restaurant.

Carson and Clara in the oversized Atlantis chair.

Street performers down at the Marina.

We joined in the fun. Carson really liked the drum until she saw the clown from afar.

Our last night there we attended the Taylor Swift concert. We had a great time! I wasn't sure how Carson was going to react to the number of people and loud music, but she did great.
She was clapping and dancing. We were right up on the runway in all the action. T.S. gave Carson a high five as she walked up stage. Carson now thinks that Taylor Swift is her best friend. It's really cute. She also thinks that every song on the radio is a Taylor Swift song.

Thanks for a great trip MeMe and PaPa! Many memories were made that will last a lifetime!


Holly S. said...

Fantastic pictures!! I want to be adopted into your family LOL!

Amelia said...

Awesome recap Sarah!! LOVE all the photo collages. Bless little Carson's heart getting turned sideways in that slide! Great to see the cousins too! All so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

perfect models, fantasic.

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