Saturday, September 25, 2010

For the Birthday Girl

We are attending a birthday party tonight for one of Clara's first friends...Miss Georgia! I can't believe that they are both one! I remember their first play date like it was yesterday. They had lots of fun getting to know each other...
Now they are both mobile and enjoying things like the aquarium and chewing on inflatable swords!
Georgia, we are so excited to celebrate your special day with you!

Georgia's mommy and daddy both went to Arizona University, so it's only fitting I made her this to show her school spirit and cheer on her Wildcats! I have made lots of skirted onesies, but have never made one with an empire waist style..

"Bear Down" was embroidered on the front of the dress as it is the official motto of UA. It also has a little ruffle around the bottom for that extra bit of femininity and fun! I really like the empire look and will be making more!
I also made the birthday girl this!
I love owls and made two other little birthday girls these a couple weeks ago. I used Ashley's owl download. I have since made my own owl modeled after the little owls on the fabric. I loved the flowers for eyes and their little wings. I make the owls larger/smaller depending on the size of the shirt.

I have been selling them in the shop, but really made the very first outfit with Georgia in mind. I saw these cute little guys at JoAnn fabrics and had to have them.
I paired the owl knit fabric with some stripes and polka-dots. I made a pair of mismatched leggings for those chilly Florida days. We do have a bit of cool weather in October and November (can't wait for those days).
I hope you have a fabulous birthday Miss Georgia! We love you!


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