Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Fun for Kids

Carson loves file folder games. I had a few from when I taught kindergarten and she plays with them all the time. So I thought I would make her some pumpkin games and poem plays. We made a counting game using these pumpkins. I took the pumpkin and saved it to my photo library. Then I uploaded them to Picnik and added numbers to them. I printed them out and saved them! You can download the pumpkin numbers for the games Here.

First we colored our pumpkins...

Clara really enjoyed trying to eat the crayons!
Then we cut them out and glued them to our folder.
For the Pumpkin Counting game we are going to count seeds and place the correct number of seeds on the corresponding number.
For the Five Little Pumpkins poem I just glued the poem to the front of the folder. We are going to laminate the other set of 5 pumpkins separately. This will allow us to be able to play with them when the poem is read.
We used pocket folders because that's what I had on hand. I like them because you can stick things inside them for storage(and they don't slide out), but they do not laminate well. And I like to laminate them so they are durable. You can also use regular manila file folders which work better with the laminate.

Here they are laminated...
I ended up tearing the lamination off the counting game. It had bubbled up in a couple spots.
Here is Carson at work...
When you are finished you can put the seeds in a little baggie and store them inside the folder.
For the Pumpkin Poem we used this removable putty to put on the back of the laminated pumpkins so we could stick them to the wall for our poem.
Here she is acting out the poem. Every time I read about each little pumpkin she took it off the wall. Then when we were finished she put them back in number order.
Happy Counting!


blueviolet said...

Such a cute idea and something I would definitely do!

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