Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Birthday Party!

I think every weekend in March consists of either a birthday party or baby shower! Today is our good friend Taylor's 3rd birthday! Carson and Taylor have been hanging out since they were 4 months old. Carson adores him and wants to do everything Taylor does. Her recent obsession is with Spider-Man because Taylor loves Spider-Man. So for a gift nothing seemed more fitting than a Spider-Man drawstring back pack (Yea! I can cross it off my can't wait to try list) and a pair of P.J.'s!

The back pack is a little different than the one in the tutorial. I used jeans and a 12 in. zipper instead of an 8in. because that's what I had on hand.

I bought the Spider-Man fabric from JoAnn's. I used freezer paper stenciling(great tutorial here) for Spider-Man's face and the spider on the back. I used a picture from the computer to help me draw Spider-Man's face on freezer paper and the spider.

I put a "T" in the middle of the spider for Taylor!

The P.J. pants were adapted from this pattern. I like to call them karate pants when I make them for boys:) The shirt was embellished using a piece of the fabric and embroidery for the "I Am Peter Parker."

Enjoy Taylor...We love you!


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