Monday, March 1, 2010

Tutorial: Art Clothesline

Got artwork? We do! And we display it on our Art Clothesline!
Last year after I finished Carson's mermaid room. I guess I should say Carson and Clara's mermaid room (I planned on them sharing a room, but that lasted one day!). I started working on the play room (which is now Clara's room). I added a chalkboard/magnetic wall (great tutorial here) and an art clothesline. The clothesline is super easy, inexpensive(I think I spent59 cents on each wooden piece)and you only need a few materials.

Materials: wooden animals/objects/letters (I got ours from JoAnn, but Michaels has them too), glue gun, string, clothespins, wine corks (one cork will give you two/three pieces so depending on how many fixtures you want will depend on the number of corks you need) and a pencil

First, mark on your wall where you want to glue on your wine corks.
Next, cut the wine corks in halves/thirds (it depends how far you want them to stick out from the wall).
Glue them onto the wall (If you are a teacher your probably have done this with posters and such in your classroom). In my experience, the glue will peel off the wall fairly easy.
Get your string ready. I just left mine on the roll to allow me to adjust as I saw fit and cut it at the end. Put a dab of hot glue onto the cork and wrap the string around several times (you might want to add a little more glue as you wrap). Do the same thing to the next cork and so on. Cut your string at
the end.
Finally, glue on your wooden pieces!
And your done!
If you want you can also glue little wooden pieces/letters to the clothes pins.
Your children will be so excited they have a place of their own to show off their favorite creations!


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