Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Outfits and Eggs!

I finished the girls' Easter outfits last night! I am excited about how they turned out. I used Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks fabric for both outfits. It is so soft, light and flow-y. It is the perfect material for twirling too!

I made Clara a bubble outfit from Sis Boom patterns. You can find it HERE. I LOVE the pattern. It has three different options for sleeves (sleeveless, puffy sleeves and ruffle sleeves). I went with the ruffle sleeve. It was the first time I used it and will be making many more bubble outfits. It is perfect because it doesn't get in Clara's way and doesn't "drown" her like some dresses/outfits do. Oh and it's reversible!!! Two in one! If you sew...try it! I added a little flower clip too. I just ruffled up some material and glued it to an alligator clip. That way I can clip it to the side of the outfit we choose to wear. If I have time I may make her some little booties and a flower for her hair.

Carson's dress was adapted from Lil Blue Boo's Sundress tutorial. I changed it up a little. I made the chest band a couple inches longer and the main portion of the dress 90 inches so it would be full. I also made the straps elastic, added a sash and a fabric flower with rhinestone center.

Easter Eggs!
We dyed eggs today. Carson has been hounding me since we bought the kit the other day. We had a great time. She especially liked the stickers. But she didn't want to use them on the eggs...just her baby sister:)

While we were waiting for our eggs to become hard boiled and our tablets to dissolve we played a game using our empty egg carton. Carson is learning her numbers (and letters) so I wrote a number in each egg spot all the way to twelve.We placed a chocolate egg in the carton...

closed it up and gave it a big shake.

When she opened it up she had to tell me the number underneath the chocolate.

After a bit I let her eat it...and she enjoyed!

Then we finished our eggs! And we can't wait for the big hunt on Sunday!
Happy Easter everyone! Have a blessed weekend!


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