Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adventures in Screen Printing

I have been wanting to try screen printing for a while now and finally did it! I ordered my screen printing kit from Dharma and Trading Company last week and it arrived on my doorstep Monday. I was itching to print something and while the photo emulsion method takes a few hours and the right time of day (noonish) to expose the screen I needed a method a little less involved. So, I used the contact paper method using this great tutorial. It was an easy to follow tutorial and an easy way to screen print simple designs. I screen printed bats and alligators. I took me a few tries to get the feel for it. There are a few alligators that are not "whole." But I kinda like their distressed look. I guess it's personal preference.

Here are the little gators in action! I used this twirl skirt pattern. I mentioned it in my previous post. I love everything about it...quick, easy, comfortable and cute!

I highly recommend trying both the pattern and screen printing. Now that I have my feet wet...on to photo emulsion! Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!


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