Thursday, May 27, 2010

School's Out...

For Summer!

Today was Carson's last day of school. I can't believe another year has come and gone and I really can't believe she will be in the 3 year old program next year. My how time really does fly!

Here is a picture of Carson with her daddy and Miss Sara on her first day. I couldn't go because I was in the hospital with baby Clara.

Here is a picture of her last day of school. She wasn't very cooperative. This is what happens when I stick around too long. She really does love her teachers.
Back to the EOY gift. I like to do an End of the Year gift for her teacher's to thank them for all of their hard work during the school year. For the EOY gift I like to do a beach theme. Summer=beach in my mind and I thought it would be nice to get them all geared up for a little R and R.

I put together a bucket full of goodies centered around the beach! Inside the bucket I put a towel (Target $6) I monogrammed with their names. All year long we are reminded to put our child's name on everything that comes to school, so I thought I would personalized their towel so if they lost it everyone would know who it belonged to:) I included this adorable gathered clutch from Noodlehead. I changed it a little. I put a wrist strap and made it beach friendly by sewing vinyl on the inside. Their cell phones and other valuables can stay clean and dry! I also threw in these flip-flops and a gift certificate to get those toes ready for their beach debut! I always like to include a poem that fits the theme of whatever it is I am doing. So I wrote this and placed it with the gift certificate.

Kick up your feet,
And have some fun.
Summer is here,
The school year is done!

Relax with a pedi,
It's calling your name.
So you can debut those feet,
Without and shame!

Carson says, "Thank you!"
For a great year with you.
We can't thank you enough
For all that you do!

Carson and Family

I gave these to the director of the pre-school along with a pedi gift card. I eliminated the bow and just used the decorative button on her flops. I like this version too!

On the outside of the bucket (Target $2.50) I printed their names out on magnetic paper.

If I had another hour I would have thrown in a couple of these, but 1 am rolled around too soon and this momma was tired!!

I hope this helps gives you some ideas with your EOY gift. Happy summer break!!


Amy said...

I couldn't tell from your pics if you did the ruffled zipper pouch or made it plain. Did you use vinyl on the entire project or just on the inside? Do you think you could use the vinyl coated fabric for this project? LOVE the idea... trying to figure if I have enough time to pull it off for Madison's last day. THANKS as usual for the GREAT ideas!

Sarah Boyd said...

Hi Amy,
I am sorry. I should have taken pictures of just the gathered clutch. I did it in the am and was in a hurry. I used Anna's gathered clutch tutorial and I put vinyl on just the inside of the gathered clutch. You could use the laminate fabric. They have it at the North Tampa KMIS store now. I hope Madison has a great last couple weeks at school!

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