Sunday, April 25, 2010

Butterfly Bows: Tutorial

The other day my sister asked me if I could make a couple outfits (big sister/little sister) for my niece's friend who is having a big sister party! The party is to celebrate the fact that she will become a big sister for the very first time! I of course said yes and chose some fabric...
butterfly fabric! It took me awhile because I could buy everything in the store, but I went with what I thought the girls would love...butterflies!
The fabric inspired butterfly bows for the big sister and little sister. And here's how you make them!

-For the wings you need 2, 1.5 inch ribbon cut 11" long
-to tie the wings you need 2, 3/16 inch ribbon cut 9" long
-for the antennae you need 2, 3/8 inch ribbon cut 2" long
-to make the gathered body 1, 1 inch ribbon cut 10" long (there will be some leftover you will just glue and snip)
-down the center of the gathered body you need 1, 1/2 inch ribbon cut 4" long
-for the alligator clip(just covered the bottom portion of the clip) you need 1, 1/2 inch ribbon 4" long
-2 felt pieces for the body about 3.5"
-glue gun
-alligator clip

1) Mark the center of the wings and glue both ends in the middle.

2) Tie with the 3/16" ribbon and repeat with the other wings. Trim ribbon.

3) Glue wings together

4) Take the ribbon for the gather body and sew a basting stitch, gather.

5) Glue the gathered body to one of the felt pieces.

6) Use the 1/2 " ribbon you cut 4" in length and glue the end partially on the felt piece and down the center to the end of the body. You will have a little leftover to glue the end part on the felt as well.

7) Glue the antennae on the felt...
and cover the back of the body with the 2nd felt body piece.

7) Glue the body onto the wings.

8) Now you are going to glue the ribbon onto the clip. Start at the back and glue the ribbon down the back of the clip. Open the clip so you don't glue it shut and continue to glue the remainder of the ribbon to the inside of the clip.

9) Glue the clip onto the back of the bow and let the butterflies fly!
For the little sister butterfly I used 1"ribbon for the wings, 3/8" ribbon for the gathered body and the 3/16" ribbon for the antennae. I also singed the ends of the antennae with a lighter to prevent fraying. Have fun and let me know if you have ANY questions!

I think they would also make perfect take home gifts for a little girls birthday party!



Alison said...

What a cute and fun idea!! Can't go wrong with butterflies!!


Julie said...

I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! I have a little girl also and your ideas are great! Thanks for sharing!

girlytwins said...

So so cute. I am gonna make these!! This is something that I can do (I am kinda uncrafty LOL)

Andrea said...

I love these!! So cute!
Andrea @

Abril N. said...

me encantan! son muy inspiradores!!! llamaron inmediatamente mi atenciĆ³n! i love it!!!!

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