Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Top Submission: "In Full Bloom"

I am always up for a good challenge:) This will be the third one this year (Lil Blue Boo/Dharma Trading Co., Ruffles and Stuff and now Spring Tops) and I LOVE it! It really pushes me to explore my creativity and actually finish projects. So often I start something and don't finish. Does anyone else share that vice?

Spring Tops contest is a little different from the past two. I have to make something for myself!!! The only other thing I have made for myself is this. I have never actually made a piece of clothing for me until now! Truth be kids look way cuter in clothes than I do and are much more fun to sew for. But without further it is...
I call it "In Full Bloom." Here is my journey in completing my first top for me!

I sat down...well, not really. I had both kids with me. I stood up and in between potty breaks and feedings I browsed through the pattern books at the store. There were a couple different ones I liked, but ended up choosing Simplicity 2601.

Things I loved about the look of the pattern...
Style -classic, simple, feminine and a tailored
Versatility-dress up and dress down...could be worn with a skirt, shorts, dress pants or jeans.
It also had several different options for sleeves and collars.

Then I was off to choose some material that I thought would compliment the style of the pattern. I chose a light weight 100% percent cotton for the main fabric and a swiss white dot fabric for some of the flowers, covered buttons and sash. I loved both the look and feel of the fabric. I was also looking for a fabric that I would want to wear through the hot/humid Florida summer. And it was 30% added bonus!

Now, since I wasn't creating the shirt from scratch I needed to make it my own. I started thinking about what I love about a shirt and next to comfort it's definitely how it's embellished. Flowers, buttons, ruffles and sashes are four embellishments I used. I knew I wanted to incorporate these items into my shirt, but I didn't know exactly how. So I turned to my favorite store...Anthropology. I don't think there is one item of clothing that I wouldn't buy from that store...if I had unlimited funds that is, but I don' I use their clothes as an inspiration for my own. This, This and This were all inspirations for embellishing my shirt. I love a ruffled neckline, beautiful fabric flowers and a sash to define the waistline.

So...after I finished the basic pattern for the shirt I made the little flowers
I made "Yo Yo" flowers, little roses (I serged the edges of these first) and what I like to call "scrunch and sew" flowers. Not much to them. I just cut a circle scrunched it into a flower and sewed it to tack it in place. Then I wanted a little fray, but also wanted to contain it so I applied a little fray check to the edges of the flowers. In the center of two of the flowers are covered buttons. For the ruffle along the back of the neckline I used a scrap piece of fabric about 2 inches in width. I serged the sides with a rolled hem and then sewed a basting stitch down the center. I gathered, pinned, and sewed it into place. Voila!

I love it! It's comfortable and makes me feel pretty! And I think that's a big part of this contest. If I have time I may make a couple more spring tops! If you sew you should treat yourself too!

Thanks for hosting Rae! It's been fun focusing on me for a change!


Anonymous said...

It is so pretty and delicate. You did a great job on this one, too.

Ashley G said...

Wow Sarah, great job! I love it!

Erin said...

I love that pattern! May have to go find it for myself.

And the top looks grogeous, so light and girly. :)

girlytwins said...

I so wish I was a crafty Momma. I love it and it looks great on you :)

BTW...Anthro is my favorite store too and I just bought the Tecolote Tank.

pennysews said...

Sara, this top is toooo cute! You must wear it into Keep Me In Stitches so I can check out those roses :-)

The4Rs said...

Very nice job, it fits you well too, I wonder if you wear a tank underneath, or something else? Just wondering, love the rose embellishment!

Sarah Boyd said...

Yes, the4R's, I wore a cami underneath. Thank you!

L.R.Chacko said...

Sarah - Beautiful blouse! It's so flattering. I've been pondering clothing a lot lately, how we are so confined to what's in the stores, etc and to see you making your own that fits your body perfectly is a great inspiration! I want to show you some things I had made in India...i think you'd get some cool ideas - some beautiful tunic-tops for little girls as well. -Lisa

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