Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Superhero

What little girl...or boy doesn't like to pretend they are a superhero? How fun would it be to fly through the air at the speed of lightening and save people, using super powers? It seems like superheroes are even more popular today than when I was a little, especially superheroines. Wonder Woman was the only female superhero I remember. I used to have Wonder Woman underware, when I was 5, and loved to run around in them pretending to save people...and things. With all of the comic books, figurines, movies, games and apparel you just can't help but fall into the superhero craze. There is even an online quiz that you can take to help you determine which superhero you are most like. I couldn't resist...

Your results:
You are Superman
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man

You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

I was excited to learn I was most like of my favs!

Besides having superpowers, superheroes have great costumes! But what superhero is complete without a cape? A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I could make a cape for her nieces for Christmas. She gave me a link to this cape she found on Chasing-Fireflies and asked if I could make something similar. I had never made a cape before, but thought it was super cute and was excited to try it out. And who better to try it out on, but our friend Mary...

This weekend we are attending Mary's birthday party. She is turning 6...I can't believe it! I remember visiting her when she was just a few weeks old. She has grown so much and is the most expressive, imaginative and creative (about to be) 6 year old I know. She gets it honestly. Her mother is the BEST story teller! Mary loves to pretend and play dress up. So I immediately thought of her when I was experimenting with the cape.

I used a polyester-satin fabric in sparkly green apple and hot pink. The outside of the cape is pink and the inside green. I embroidered a "M" and "mary" on the center-back of the cape.

I also made a matching mask for this little superheroine. I ended up cutting a little more out around the eyes. An I may even adjust the nose part as well. It was a trial and error project:)
It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the green fabric has sparkles in it. I love the way it shimmers.
Carson had a fun time modeling it! I think I will probably make her one too:) Just a little shorter and more narrow around the neckline.

I like to package gifts in reusable boxes or bags. I saw this unfinished box at JoAnn fabrics and thought it would be perfect for Mary's superhero cape and mask. Maybe she could use it to store secret items, her most prized possessions or to hide things from her sister. Anyway she chooses to use it, I thought it would be a good way to wrap her gifts. Decoupaging a box would be great for Christmas cookies or gifts too!

I wrote this silly, little poem and placed it into the box with her cape and mask. I am by no means a poet, but I have fun trying...

Her name is Mary,
She fights those who're scary.
She wears pink and green,
And could never be mean.
Whether a friend or a foe
To help she will go...
She will always be there,
To show she cares.
And to serve and protect,
Those she loves best!

Happy 6th Birthday!
Chris, Sarah, Carson and Clara

Hope you ENJOY! We are so happy to be able to celebrate with you:)


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