Friday, February 26, 2010

More Mermaids

Apparently I am into mermaids right now(changing pad cover up and hoodie towel). So I thought I would share this project with you! I don't have pictures of the process because I did it last year and blogging never even crossed my point at that time, but I will explain to you the best I can how to do it. I also included my drawings so you could make one too!

Last spring, while dad of 2 giggle boxes was out of town, I redid Carson's room. She is in love with mermaids so there was no doubt that would be the theme. I saw these at PB Kids and they were the inspiration for her room. They didn't have bedding that went with the theme so I bought their sea table cloth and tweaked it a little(covered the hole(for the umbrella) in the middle with a circle applique and monogram and put a soft,fuzzy backside to it) to make a blanket for her bed. I also purchased a couple throw pillows, rug (Target), some sheets (I love Target's flannel sheets), but needed one thing...a lamp. I bought a lamp and plain white shade at Target, but wasn't satisfied.
A while back I saw a lamp shade at PB kids that had a silhouette of a tree and a bird inside the shade. I thought...I can do that with the mermaid theme! So I used the mermaid paintings as a starting point and hand drew the pieces that would be my mermaid. It had been many years since I had decoupaged anything so wasn't sure how it would turn out. I was excited about the finished product and my daughter loves her mermaid lamp!

I wanted to share my drawings and the process with you!
Materials: water, Elmer's glue, paint brush, an assortment of tissue paper, lamp shade, pencil/pen, and scissors.

Print out the mermaid template here.
Mermaid Decoupage 2
Choose the tissue paper you would like for each piece, trace the mermaid parts on the tissue, and cut out the tissue pieces.

Mix your water and glue. I didn't measure it out. I just poured glue in a bowl and added a little water. You want the consistency to be not too runny, but not too thick.

Some of the pieces will be layered. First, I painted the flowers onto the tail with my glue/water mixture. Then the fin decor onto the fin, the top onto the body and the body onto the hair. I put the mermaid together before I glued it onto the shade.

Then I chose where I wanted to place my mermaid. I turned the lamp shade so that I was working on the inside of the lamp. Everything will go on the inside! I held it down with one hand and lightly brushed the mixture over the mermaid. Sometimes the tissue can crinkle up. Go slowly and take your time. Try not to lay it on the counter. It will stick fast and rip.

After I had the mermaid in place I added the bubbles, starfish and fish. I laid it out before gluing it down just so I could get everything as evenly spaced as possible.

I let it dry and then tried it out! I love how you don't even know it's there until you turn on the light!

The possibilities are endless, planes, trains, birds, etc. Happy decoupaging!

I might stick with the mermaid theme a little longer. Maybe swim suits and sun hats to match their cover-up and towel??


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