Saturday, March 20, 2010

Matryoshka Doll Stationary

I was so excited to receive a gift card to the Lil Blue Boo shop for winning 3rd place in the Design Challenge. I have been eyeing these adorable Matryoshka graphic images for a while now. Ashley from Lil Blue Boo designed them herself (by using Power Point)and makes beautiful screen prints out of them for her dresses. I have yet to try screen printing, but am itching to do it! One of theses days! I used part of my GC on the images. So when she sent them to me she mentioned that they could be used for a number of things including stationary. I tried it and LOVE it! I think they made the cutest stationary. I bought a pack of ten note cards with envelopes from Michaels. They were $4.99. If you use your Sunday paper coupon you could get 40% off that. What a steal! I personalized the stationary and envelopes for both my girls and a family one too.

I had to tape the side of the envelope so it wouldn't get caught in the printer. I have a very temperamental printer!

I also made gift tags for gifts. One thing I dislike spending money on is cards. Some of them are $5.00. So these gift tags are a great alternative!

So here is what I did...
-downloaded the images
-opened a word document
-inserted the picture from my files
-Sized the image how I wanted it(The images are high resolution. They can be made very small or large).
-Added a text box where I inserted a name/monogram
-Arranged the text box so it was in front of the text(image)
-Chose the font/color I liked for the text
-Printed a test sheet
-adjusted if need be
-saved it for future use
-Printed it on my stationary!

I played around with them a lot to get it exactly how I wanted it! It does take some time and patience, but once you have it where you want it you are good to go! I think they would make awesome gifts too!

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