Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Skirted Onesie: A Tutorial

I love skirted onesies!

They are cute, comfortable and you can do so much with them as far as style and embellishing goes! I have made gameday onesies, onesies with ruffles, appliques, embroidery, layers, etc.
Take a look...
I made this skirted onesie from an old, stained dress. I love making some old into something new!

Materials: Old dress or fabric (a fat quarter will work), rotary board, rotary cutter, sewing machine, coordinating thread, and onesie

First, decide where you want the skirt to fall. If you want an empire/babydoll style skirted onesie you are going to cut the onesie an inch or so under the arm. I chose to cut my onesie a few inches above the hip.
I usually use my rotary cuter, but it broke:( So I used my trusty scissors.
I cut the dress right under the smocking.
Sewed right sides together and finished the edges with a serger or you can zig zag stitch.
Sewed a gathering stitch and gathered.
Then take the top portion of your onesie and the skirt. Turn the skirt inside out and stick the onesie inside the skirt like so....then pin.
And sew.
Then take the skirt and top portion of the onesie (they are now attached) and bring the skirt so that it is laying on top of the onesie like in the picture above. Next take the bottom portion of the onesie and turn it inside out and slip it over the skirt (make sure that the bum part is facing the correct direction or you could end up with the bum in the front).
And sew. Finish with zig zag stitch.
Now to embellish! I thought the edging around the arm holes would make cute flowers for the onesie so I cut them out.
Here they are! I cut each one in half.
Then I took a piece of scrap from the dress and used it as a backing to sew the flower.
Then I pinned it to the skirt and top of the onesie and sewed!
And here it is...Again! But this time it's on my lil' Giggle Box!


Anonymous said...

That came out really nice, I love when you recycle things.

heather0103 said...

ok, how about instead of a skirted onesie, make a shorted know add a pair of shorts to the end of the onesie for BOYS!

Laura said...

This is just what I was looking for to make some little summer things for my baby granddaughter. Thanks for sharing!

Come by sometime! I am a "retired" dressmaker, who is now into paper crafting big time - but I still love to sew.

Lindsey said...

What an awesome tutorial, and I love your collection of skirted onesies! So cute! I added this tutorial to my Craft Tutorials Moms Will Love post here:

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