Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dance Duds

Carson started dance class! A friend of mine emailed me and asked if Carson might want to join her little girl and another friend of ours in the "Tiny Tutu's" class. It was so much fun to watch she and the other little girls.

Before we went I ran to Target to pick her up a leotard for the class. My niece had given us one, but C had already outgrown it. It was the only one left in her size and pretty reasonably priced (around $15). A few days later we went to a local dance store to pick her up another leotard. I am not always up on the wash so she would need a back up. I couldn't believe how expensive they were. I think the most basic one was $20. Some of the more embellished were as much as $45. So you know what that means...I am going to attempt to make one myself!

I took an older bathing suit, but one that still fit and dissected it! It was going to be my pattern for her leotard. It took me over an hour to rip it apart. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to reassemble the new piece, but was making metal notes as I ripped the old one apart.

ahh, finally!
Then I pinned and cut out the leotard. I used a lycra fabric and nylon for the lining. I stopped taking pictures at this point. Sometimes documenting gets in the way of the task at hand:)
Next, I put the elastic around the legs. Then I put elastic across the back/top of the leotard. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to do the binding for the arms with the elastic. I couldn't figure out how to do it where it looked decent so I didn't end up using elastic in the arms. The lycra had enough stretch to it. If anyone has advice I would love to hear it!

I cut three one inch strips and I ruffled them up. I put it across the back and on the arms. I did this for two hide my lines, they were not attractive on the straps, AND because I like ruffles!
Here is the finished product!!
I am pretty pleased with how it turned out seeing as how it was my first venture at using an article of dissected clothing as my pattern. However, I wasn't sure if it looks more like a bathing suit or a leotard; so, I added a skirt. I apologize for the poor quality in photos. I brought my camera, but the battery was dead...URG! So I had to settle for phone pictures. You get the idea...right?

I have a maternity dress to leotard refashion in the works. I also ordered some fabric to attempt one of these! Does anyone have any experience making pettiskirts? Any advice?

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Anonymous said...

It looks really pretty, the skirt over the leotard gives a feminine touch.

Amy said...

Sarah.... I LOVE it! I am too currently dissecting a couple of Maternity tops and turning them into summer dresses for Abby. I ripped up the two tops I wanted to use and pinned the patterns.. they are still sitting on my cutting table... Reading your blog always motivates me... I think I will get moving on it tommorrow :-)

Holly S. said...

You are so talented! I am amazed at how you do this stuff.

If you'd like to borrow a pettiskirt of mine to copy, you're welcome to it :) I've got one that was custom made by a seller on Etsy, and five ones that I bought in group orders online.

Andrea said...

Love it! So cute! I hope you'll link up to Make It Wear It over at

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Sew sweet! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

Calise said...

This is so cute! There's a great pettiskirt tutorial here:

(Not mine, just a great one I found) Hope that helps :)

Andrea said...

I featured you this week on Make It Wear It! Feel free to grab a button for your side bar if you'd like!

Andrea @

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