Friday, July 2, 2010

Making Cakes

I have been obsessed with reading posts from this site...Ashley always has fabulous ideas and tutorials and for the last few weeks she has asked Brittany to be a guest blogger. Brittany is doing a make-a-cake series where she shares her tips on baking and decorating cakes. Her cakes are amazing...

and the tutorials are so easy to follow anyone can do it...even me...
I have always been intrigued by cake decorating and have often thought to myself, "How in the world do people get cakes to look fanciful and life-like much like pieces of artwork?"And wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to make a cake that looked professional without spending an arm and a leg? Not that my cake looks anywhere near what a professional cake looks like, but you have to start somewhere and I had a lot of fun doing it!

My real motivation for taking the plunge in baking and cake decorating is Carson's birthday. It is coming up next week and I want to make a cake similar to this...
but on a smaller scale. Maybe I am a bit ahead of myself in thinking I can pull it off, but I sure am going to try!

This is my practice cake. I wanted to make sure that I could bake the cake, make buttercream icing, fondant, color the fondant and cut/apply decorations. I am glad I did! Now I have a better idea of how long it takes and will do a little each day. I also found that my "Golden Sunshine" Wilton icing coloring was more orange than yellow. Good to know...I need yellow!
I also want it to taste good, not just look cute. So...I cut a slice...
and let my little taste tester be the judge.

And I think it passed the test!
If you have any interest at all in making cakes you should head over to the make a cake series. It will give you the confidence to give it a try. And you will be glad you did!


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