Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Placemat Tote: A Tutorial

We are in summer vacation mode. We are leaving next week for vacation. And I have been thinking of some things that would be nice to take along with us. We have our summer vacation dresses. I have been shirring like crazy! I will share some other things I have made later this week. If you you haven't checked out this pattern from Made you will have to before the summer is over!

I was also thinking Carson needed a little tote to put her belongings in for the pool and beach. She is becoming more independent (if that's possible) and wanted a "diaper bag" like mommy. It's so sad when your diaper bag becomes your purse. Mine has, luckily I love my diaper bag! Anyway, I was cleaning out the kitchen and came across some placemats I just had to have 5 years ago. I actually still really like them, but never use them. So, the little light bulb came on in my head and the placemat tote was born. It's super simple and chances are you have it lying around your house too!

coordinating fabric or cloth napkin
sewing machine/serger
cutting board
rotary cutter

Fold your placemat right sides together. Sew or serge down both sides.

Press and turn right side out.

Cut four 2x18 inch strips. These will be your handles.

Now you are going take 2 of your straps and to serge wrong sides together. Repeat with the other two.
If you do not have a serger you will still take your two strips, but will place them right sides together and sew down one side across and up the other side. Rae has an easy tutorial for doing this here! Press.

Take your handles and pin them in place. I pinned them 3 inches from the outside of the tote.

Sew a box stitch.

Now I thought I was finished, but my 2 year old wanted to know where the pocket was where she could put her coins.

I don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place! So I cut a 5 x5 square. I used the edge of the napkin because it already had a hem on two sides. I hemmed the other two sides. Pinned and sewed it into place! Yeah! A pocket for the coins or sunglasses!

And there is a place for your coins!

Now what might a 2 year old place in her tote? What other than every pair princess shoes she owns and a pair of sunslasses (sunglasses)!

If you have any questions let me know! Happy sewing!

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